Tutorial  /  03/06/2013  -  03/07/2013

OLED - A pioneering technology for novel lighting, microdisplay- and sensor applications

Topics and objectives

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are getting more and more into the focus of industrial product development. The technology of organic electroluminescence is on the cusp of commercialization. Leading market research institutions are expecting a billion Euro market for thin lighting products, which are operating extremely engery-saving. In the field of microdisplays, analysts reckon with a market volume of 1,750 M$ even in 2013. OLED as the only real area light source on glass or flexible foils are opening up entirely new possibilities of design. Furthermore the manufacturing processes of OLEDs based on small molecules and polymers allow the integration of OLED in silicon chips (OLED-on-Silicon): On the one hand tiny OLED microdisplays with an integrated camera in data eyeglasses offer new functions. On the other hand it is now possible to manufacture integrated optoelectronic sensor applications, which combine light source, detector and electronic system on one CMOS chip.

The seminars (in English) will give an introduction in OLED technology, the integration in rigid and flexible substrates as well as on CMOS chips and an overview on possible components and applications. This will be illustrated by the manufacturing processes, applications and products of Fraunhofer COMEDD Dresden. The participants of the seminar will be able to identify chances of the novel technology and specify possible products.

Group of participants

Engineers, product designers, developing engineers, project managers, who build OLED lighting systems, integrate OLED microdisplays or -sensors into their systems or people who are generally interested in an comprehensive overview about the OLED technology.