OLED Lighting and Signage

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) form a new category of flat lighting elements. Not only do they allow for thinner and lighter construction designs, but also for large-area and cost-effective fabrication, producing light in any color imaginable. Due to these properties, OLED are the basis for innovative information technology devices and structured extensive lighting. In addition, the COMEDD is working on organic solar cells integration on arbitrary substrates and on the integration of organic light-emitting diodes in CMOS substrates, thus combining OLED with fast, low-power and compact electronics. COMEDD is globally one of the few existing system suppliers, offering product developments ranging from conceptualization to pilot fabrication in this technology field.

Lighting systems based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) offer an entirely new class of area light sources, including ones that are transparent and flexible.

Thus OLED are ready to outclass conventional illuminants in regards to energy efficiency, and have the advantage of being able to produce all colors and output white light with a high color rendering index.

Since OLED can be fashioned onto large surfaces, they are a viable alternative to fluorescent tubes for road and building lighting.

Consequently, completely new lighting solutions are presenting themselves, along with a vastly growing market.

The future of lighting

large-area OLED luminaire
© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

Large-area OLED luminaire.

© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

Color-tunable OLED.

Dynamic OLED light
© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

Dynamic OLED light.

Today, a large portion of the electricity produced goes toward lighting of buildings. Employing a highly efficient form of OLED lighting could significantly reduce lighting energy costs. OLEDs as the main source for complete lighting solutions will not simply be a substitute for existing lighting technologies. They will also generate new applications, owing to the unique properties of large area diffuse lighting with adjustable colors.

Recently Fraunhofer COMEDD published a new technology for the development of color-tunable OLED, by which the color of the OLED can be tuned.

Light can also be dynamic! Therefore Fraunhofer COMEDD offers the needed know-how to control a segmented OLED e.g. via laptop or smartphone app.