Large Area Lighting & Tiny Displays

COMEDD at Fraunhofer FEP explores completely new light technology application fields with large area & miniaturized solutions. The focus is on diverse applications entering industrial production as well as consumer goods applications – in lighting, information, automobile, medical, and environmental technologies, as well as safety technology; really almost every sphere of life.

Diversity of application areas

© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

Color-tunable OLED.

© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

FAIR data eyeglasses.

© Photo Fraunhofer COMEDD

OLED microstructure.

- Large area OLED lighting panels,

- Tiiny OLED microstructures and illuminated recticles,

- Microdisplays based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for interactive data eye-glasses for image and video content,

- Dynamic lighting applications,

- Organic solar cells or

- Flexible OLED panels integrated in different interiors, jewellery, as design objects or in the field of architecture...

These are only a few examples of the many possible applications.

Whether you are a lighting designer, architect or development engineer - your ideas have to dazzle! Together with our know-how and your ideas new products and applications can be created!

Just contact us and let us discuss your ideas and enquiries and possible developments.

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