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Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP

Interactive OLED data eyeglasses with full-color microdisplay

IDW - International Display Workshop 2012

Fraunhofer COMEDD presents the interactive OLED data eyeglasses for the first time in Asia

The world of the „augmented reality“ becomes more and more common. This is even widened by the use of tiny OLED-on-silicon microchips, which are display and camera at the same time. Fraunhofer COMEDD developed these microchips successfully, which can be integrated now into data eyeglasses with an appropriate optical construction. Thus it is possible that information are displayed, to observe one‘s surroundings and to have one‘s hands free for further activities since the information can be controlled by eye-tracking. A computer mouse is no longer necessary. The use of these eyeglasses enables for example craftsmen to get their construction plans displayed without interrupting their work; paramedics can take care of their patients and monitor the most important body functions at the same time or hobby gardener can gain the best cultivation tips directly from the internet during gardening. A wonderful world!

The scientists of Fraunhofer COMEDD, which were able to integrate OLED microdisplay and image sensor elements in a single microchip for the first time ever, are pleased about the enormous international response and the orders resulting from it. The possible fields of application are numerous and versatile. The scientists are able to develop the optimal display for each request.

Dr. Rigo Herold, project engineer and developer of the interactive OLED data eyeglasses, is excited: “In order to get acquainted with our technology, we offer a design and evaluation kit of the data eyeglasses, which provides the opportunity to program and test first examples of use. At the moment the eyeglasses can be offered with a bright red shining OLED display. We are currently working on the possibility to provide the information in full-color so that people can experience whole film sequences.“

In December 2012 the data eyeglasses will be presented at the IDW 2012 (International Display Workshop 2012 in Japan) in Asia, which will probably attract a large audience again.

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